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Be Well

Resources for LifeGiving Transplant Stories

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at 10:50 AM

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Resources related to the LifeGiving Transplant Stories coverage.

Ask Questions Through NetWellness

ideastream and NetWellness are partnering to bring more understanding to the health and medical issues you care about. NetWellness, now in its 15th year, is a consumer information website from Case Western Reserve University, The Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati.

Visit the NetWellness website, where you will find in-depth information about transplants and many other health concerns from Ohio’s three medical research universities.

You can also get answers to your specific health information questions.

How the Donation Process Works

Join the Ohio Donor Registry
Become an organ donor now - sign up on the Lifebanc website.

Donate Ohio
Get involved and Donate.

Organ Donor
Read about different state organ and tissue donor registries.

dmv organ donor
Learn how to change your license to be an organ donor.

Driver’s License information
Find out more information about your driver’s license.

Top 10 facts
Read the top 10 most important things about organ donation.

Rejection for the Donor
Read about what can happen when liver donations go wrong.

National Marrow Donor Program
Need help finding a match? Try this website for help and other information.

Transplant living
Read facts about organs that are avalible for transplant.

Donation Awareness
Read this article that includes frequently asked questions about organ donation.

Life Gift
Recieve the gift of life of a organ or tissue transplantion.

Transplant Center
Read about different transplant programs.

Myths and Truths
Find out the truth about donating.

Myths and Truths
Find out the truth about donating from Lifebanc.

United Network for Organ Sharing
Get started learning, supporting, and connecting with donation facilities.

The Gift Of A Lifetime
Take a transplant journey now.

Lifebanc News
Stay informed with Lifebanc’s news and upcoming events.

Cleveland Eye Bank
Read about how The Cleveland Eye Bank restores eye sight by tissue transplantation.

Government Information on Organ Donation
Read about getting involved, becoming a donor and reducing your risk of organ failure.

Donate Life America
Be an organ, eye or tissue donor today.

Medline Plus
Find out what organs you can actually donate.

Consumer Health
Don’t let the myths confuse you. Read the truth about organ donation.

Organ Donation Awareness for Teens: It Matters
Taylor Perez created an educational program to heighten the awareness and need for organ donation in the teenage population.

Preparing for Transplant Surgery

Getting on the List
Learn about how to get on the transplant list.

Learn about being a volunteer, donor, or supporter for the Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program.

Financing Your Transplant
Get the facts on how much the transplantation process will cost you.

Budgets Cuts Can Hold Transplants
Read about Arizona families who were approved for an organ transplant and then told it was no longer available due to budget cuts.

Ohio Solid Organ
Find out how to get equal access to quality medicare for your transplant.

The Ohio State University Medical Center
Here’s an option for your transplantion survery.

National Children’s Hospital
Read about Emergency and Closure information.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
See if this hospital is right for you and your child.

The Transplant Experience
Prepare yourself for what you will need to do after your transplant is complete.

The Cost of Your Transplant
Read about all the expenses that come with the transplant procedure.

Ohio Commission on Minority Health
Read about the Governor’s Task Force on Black and Minority Health.

Become more educated on Kidney and Heart Transplants.

The American Society of Transplant Surgeons
Find a surgeon that best fits your needs.

Pediatric Transplantation
Find out ways to best support your child during the transplant procedure.

EMH Regional Health Care Center
See if this hosital best fits your transplantation needs.

Coping with Anxiety
Read about helping your child ease the stress and pressure of transplant surgery.

University Hospitals
This hospital might be the perfect place for your transplant surgery.

Before the Transplant
What to expect before your transplant.

Who Lives? Who Decides?
Read how different countries decided who recieves an organ transplant.

Matching Donors
Get help with transplant related expenses, not covered by insurance.

Selecting a Hospital
What you should know about choosing the right hospital for your transplant.

National Foundation for Transplants
Recieve help for some financial obstacles that might get in the way of you recieving your transplant.

Transplant Surgery Stories

Chris Henry
Read the remarkable story of NFL player Chris Henry whose mother brought together all the recipients of her son’s donated organs.

Sister’s Gift of Selves Truly Loving
Read this miraculous story published in the Akron Beacon Journal.

Surving Against All Odds
Read this inspiring story published by the Akron Beacon Journal.

Woman Finds Voice After Transplant
A voice-box transplant gave this woman her voice back after almost 10 years without it. Read this remarkable story published by the Wall Street Journal.

Kidney Donation
Kidney Donation Goes Prime Time

Understanding Transplantation Surgery

Eye Diseases
Read about the Corneal Transplant

During the Transplant
Find out what happens during a heart transplant.

Lung Transplant
Read about what happens during a lung transplant.

A Liver Transplant
Learn more about a liver transplant.

A Heart Transplant
Read more about a heart transplant.

Hair Transplant Surgery
Find out why hair transplant surgery is done.

Heart Transplant Surgery
Learn more about what happens in heart transplant surgery.

A Kidney Transplant
More information on kidney transplant surgery.

Organ Transplantation
General Information about organ transplantation.

During the Transplant
Read about what happens during kidney and pancreatic transplant surgery.

During Liver Surgery
Learn about the steps that take place during liver surgery.

A Kidney Transplant
Read more information about a kidney transplant.

The Center of Orthopedics
Read how to detect arthritis.

Fighting Rejection

The Kidney Transplant Center
Learn about recieving quality follow-up care for your transplant.

Learn how to protect your transplant.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Learn about the requirements for cardiac rehabilitation.

Metor Health
Learn about heart failure and what to do about it.

Staying Healthy

The Office of Minority Health
Stay educated on minority health and ways to keep yourself healthy.

Health Center
Track your health and read about having a healthly body.

Staying Healthy
Keeping yourself healthy after your transplant surgery.

A Journey to Wellness
Read inspirational stories and articles that will motivate you on your journey to getting well.

Transplant Support Groups

National MOTTEP
Be apart of the National Minority Donor Awareness Day.

Second Wind
Read about different support groups across the country.

Supporting Groups
Learn about support groups from state to state.

Trio Web
Find a support group within your local community.

Camp for Kids
Find a camp for your child that will help them feel good about their transplant.

Resources in Our Area
Find a support group that’s close by.


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