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Grand Cru Stew

Posted Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Submitted by

Daniel Greathouse

Heidelberg Distributing Company

Ingredients & Directions

1 pound stew beef
1 pound potatoes
1 celery bunch
2 bell peppers
6 tomatoes (you may substitute tomato sauce/paste; onion soup mix makes a simple seasoning pack)
3 leeks (or a gob ‘o onions)
Gallons and Gallons of wine
1 pound carrot bunch (minis are great)
1 large can of beef broth (if you don’t have any in the freezer next to the goat ears)
Rosemary, oregano, basil etc…

1.  Have 7 children so you have a big stockpot.  (You can skip this step, but I wouldn’t.)
2.  Cube 1 pound of stew beef and toss into stockpot filled with 2 cups of wine (Who am I kidding?  I’ve never measured wine into a cup in my life),
4 cups of broth, sliced carrots and onions (leeks are even better, if available).
Add tomatoes & garlic.  Toss in bay leaves and/or any other leaves and twigs lying around your herb and spice collection).
Cover and simmer on low heat for at least an hour; two’s better.
(Use 8 wine cubes for the 2 cups of wine.)
3.  Add lots of celery for crunch, colorful bell peppers and potatoes.  A little tapioca (preferred) or instant potato (my little tribute to Dan Q) will thicken the juice
nicely.  Let simmer for hours.
4.  Gather all the ground pepper in your house.  Discard it.  Break down, buy a pepper mill and season with freshly ground pepper, sea salt and just before
service, add a few drops of really good Balsamic vinegar (hey it’s wine...add a few more drops).  Place a thin slice of parmesan from Reg-Emilia on top with
freshly chopped parsley and serve with beautiful, crusty bread and olive oil.

Smart advice from my beloved Mary:  Put all the ingredients in a crock pot in the morning, it’s tender and ready in the evening.

QUICK ALTERNATIVE:  Add 2 wine cubes to a can of Dinty Moore in a saucepan.  Tell no one!

It was born in Cleveland near the end of the 20th century during a Burgundy tasting at the Heidelberg Distributing Company warehouse.  Everyone knows great ingredients make great food, and certainly, the better the wine, the better the broth.  Each time we opened a new bottle of Chambertin, Corton-Charlemagne or Echezeaux, I stole a few drops for the Boeuf Bourgogne’s stewpot.  Although I don’t normally advocate using wine of this calibre’ for cooking, the stew was unusually aromatic and rich.  Each time you drink a good bottle of wine, give up your own “Angel’s portion” by pouring an ounce into an ice cube tray and freezing it.  Seal the wine cubes in a plastic bag in the freezer (using an indelible marker, write “Goat’s Ears” on the bag so the kids don’t use them for kool-aid).  Use 5 or 6 wine cubes in place of water when you make your next stew or casserole.  It’ll taste great and it’s fun to recall those special bottles, friends and evenings as you gobble up your stew by the fireplace.


C is for Comfort Food

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