Leadership and Staff

ideastream Main Phone Number: 216-916-6100

Kevin Martin
President and CEO

Jerry Wareham
Immediate Past President and CEO

Kit Jensen
Chief Operating Officer

Mary Grace Herrington
Chief Development Officer

John Phillips
Chief Financial Officer

Linda J. Williams
Senior Director, Education

Maxie C. Jackson III
Station Manager, 90.3 WCPN

Peg Neeson
Station Manager, WVIZ/PBS

Jenny Northern
Station Manager, WCLV 104.9

Mark Rosenberger
Managing Editor, Content

Mike Shafarenko
Manager, Civic Engagement, Web and Social Media

Mark Simpson Managing Editor, News

John Allenbach Operations Engineer - OGT
Sofia Andrades Accounting Specialist
Peggy Armstrong Accounting Specialist
David C. Barnett Senior Reporter/Producer
Leigh Barr Producer
Jesse Bethea Assistant Producer - OGT
Tom Blasczak Production Crew
Amber Blue Captioner - OGT
Rich Blue Assistant Producer - OGT
Jeanne Binggeli Education Coach/Facilitator
Liesl Bonneau Program Manager - OGT
Karen Bradford Traffic Assistant -OGT
Caroline Breder-Watts Membership Campaign Producer
Hali Breiner Traffic & Sponsorship Coordinator
Nat'le Brown Traffic Assistant
Caroline Brunet  Executive Assistant
Lecia Bushak Reporter/Producer
Charles Calhoun  Senior Engineer
Jeff Carlton Radio Operations & Traffic Manager
Robin Carreon Membership Operations Manager
Gina Caruso  Captioner- OGT
Nick Castele Reporter/Producer
Lawrence Caswell  Associate Producer
Andy Chow Reporter/Producer - Statehouse
Linda Clemens Senior Systems Administrator
Kay Colby Managing Producer
Amiee Collier Administrative Assistant, Education
Melanie Collier Administrative Assistant, Development
Ron Corby Producer/Videographer - OGT
Christopher Crawford Program Coordinator, Education
Barbara Crouse Underwriting Account Manager
Amy Cummings Supervising Producer
Al Dahlhausen Radio Broadcast Engineer
Randy Davis Radio Broadcast Engineer
John DeBarr Manager, Information Technology
Dave DeOreo Producer
Fred Dillon Education Coach/Facilitator
Stephen Dole Announcer/Operator
Kate Doman Programming and Traffic Supervisor
Thom Dombroski Assistant Chief Engineer
Tim Dubravetz Multiple Media Producer
Ann Ebersole Professional Learning Coordinator, Online Learning
Amy Eddings  Host/Producer
Michael Edelman SMART Professional Learning Manager
Abe Edison Facility Operations Specialist
Michelle Faust Reporter/Producer
Mary Fecteau Producer
Anne Fife Assistant Producer - OGT
Marianne Flippen Member Service Specialist
Ella Fong Special Events and Projects Manager
Marissa Forcina Production Crew
Richard Fox Customer Service Specialist
Joseph Frolik Managing Producer
Karin Gail Announcer/Operator
Tony Ganzer Host/Producer
Kent Geist Specialist, Fundraising Projects
Jacqueline Gerber Host/Producer, WCLV
Robert Glavan Education Coach/Facilitator
Jeanne Goldberg Education Coach/Facilitator
Sophie Goldenberg Production Crew
Jim Goldurs Promotions Producer
Robin Grier Host/Announcer - WCLV
Gail Grizzell Foundation Gifts Manager
Charles Hairston Assistant Producer - OGT
Denise Hallman Early Childhood Education Coordinator
Marlene Harris-Taylor Reporter/Producer
Jeff Haynes Producer/Motion Graphics Designer
Grace Heese Underwriting Account Manager
Jack Helbig Technical Producer
Sharon Herene Major Gifts Manager
Jo Ingles Reporter/Producer - Statehouse
Barbara Israel Education Coach/Facilitator
Rick Jackson Senior Host/Producer
Stephanie Jarvis  Producer
Goldie Jenkins Customer Service Specialist
Milan Jovanovic Videographer/Producer
Jennifer Juan Graphic Artist
Karen Kasler Statehouse News Bureau Chief
Linda Kenney Production Crew
Jerry Kest Major Gifts Coordinator
Dennis Knowles Producer
Daniel Konik Multiple Media Produer- Statehouse
Gabriel Kramer Multiple Media Producer
Steve Kurrent Production Crew
Dale Kwait Senior Engineer
Jason Lapinski Budgets and Reporting Manager
Sally Lewis Senior Engineer
Lloyd LiBengood WCLV on call
Ross Lopatkovich Computer/Help Desk Technician
Tim Lowery Technician
Kim MacDonald Human Resource Director
Lori Marks Manager, Corporate Gifts
Siomara Marquetti Volunteer Coordinator
Alina Martinet Communications Specialist
Drew Maziasz Technical Producer
Vivien McClain Assistant Producer-OGT
Mike McIntyre Host/Producer
Jim Mehrling Technical Producer - WCLV
Elizabeth Miller Reporter/Producer
Ron Miller Technician
Angela Mitchell Host/Announcer - WCLV
Rene Molenaur Education Coach/Facilitator
Kevin Morrissey Producer/Motion Graphics Designer
Wayne Myers Underwriting Account Manager
Daniel Nelson Development Director
Rich Nemec Announcer/Operator
Marnie Niver Production Crew
Marissa Norris Communication Coordinator
Bill O'Connell Program Director, WCLV
Jay Olson Technical Operations Specialist - OGT
Mike Paliobeis Production Crew
Jean-Marie Papoi Coordinating Producer
Dee Perry Senior Host/Producer
Jeff Pillivant Operations Manager- OGT
Dan Polletta Producer
John Ramicone Distance Learning Director
Gaye Ramstrom Underwriting Account Manager
Jeff Reidel PT Editor/Producer
Matthew Richmond Reporter/Producer
Dave Rodriguez Chief Engineer
Rachel Rood Producer
Mark Satola Host/Producer, WCLV
Joyce Schneider Multiplatform Support Coordinator
Abbie Sender Proposal and Grant Writer
Traci Shaw Traffic Manager
Dan Shellenbarger Executive Director - OGT
Joseph Sheppa Digital Media Manager
Lance Shultz Managing Producer
Eric Siler Professional Learning Coordinator, Educational Technology
Jan Silla Accounting Manager
John Simna Music Director, WCLV
Edward Sivillo Underwriting Account Manager
Tom Smigel Senior Engineer
Darrielle Snipes Reporter/Producer
Rebecca Snyder Payroll Accountant/Analyst
Dave Staruch Multiple Media Producer
Dave Stewart Production Crew
Phyllis Stokes Member Service Specialist
Laurie Switzer Professional Learning Coordinator, K-16 Outreach & Special Projects
Nancy Tatulinski Senior Engineer
Stacie Taylor Radio Traffic Manager
Margaret Thompson Associate Producer
Nick Tozzi  RadioTraffic and Operations Assistant
Duane Trabert Digital Asset Specialist
Lorraine Turner Education Coach/Facilitator
Bill Ulvila Production Crew
Mark Urycki Reporter/Producer
Karen Valenti Underwriting Account Manager
Mike Vendeland Production Manager
Henry Walker Systems Administrator
Michael Weber Education Coach/Facilitator
Steve Webster Announcer/Operator
Barbara Whitlow Technical Producer
Ashley Williams Accounting Coordinator
Nicole Williams Production Crew
Carrie Wise Managing Producer
Jason Wood Graphic Designer - OGT
Annie Wu Associate Editor
Megan Wycuff Production Manager - OGT
Ellen Yahnke Assistant Producer- OGT
Jean Zeller Membership Campaign Manager
John Zernick Senior Systems Administrator, Web
Lori Zoss Kraska Corporate Support Director
Rebecca Zullo Education Coach/Facilitator

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